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How to publish new version of …
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Last modified on 11/21/2016 11:32 AM by User.

How to publish new version of File Monitor

This article is aimed at Internal Developers only


When installing service, set to a delayed start and use a local user account otherwise you won't be able to access shared folders



- Build the project cManager_FileMonitor  and the Installer project cManager_FileMonitor_Setup in Release configuration mode

- Take the setup.exe from the following folder to install on client PC



For an update

0. Download the latest version from

1. Uninstall the current version

2. Copy the new setup.exe and the InstallService.bat onto client PC


3.  Run the setup.exe (as Administrator). You may get an error 1923 regarding privileges, click the ignore button

4. Run the InstallService.bat (as Administrator)

5. Open up Local Services (services.msc)

6.  Right click on the cManager File Monitor service and change the following properties

- Start Type = Automatic (Delayed Start)

- Log on as =  This Account and enter the account name and password of a Local Administrator account

7. Right Click on the cManager File Monitor Service and click start

8. Open up the Event Viewer and check for any error messages

If it's worked, there should be an Information Message like:-

Output File:E:\Server\cManager\System\\cManager New Files.txt
9. If you need to update the registry settings, they are under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Derby Database Solutions\cManager
-  Update the Registry with the database and log file paths


LogFilePath - Location of Log file "cManager New Files.txt"

PathCases - Folder to move case documents into

PathMail - Fodler to monitor

Pooling - Set to 1

SQLDatabaseName - DB Name

SQLServerName - Server Name