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Whats's new in Version 5.20

Whats's new in Version 5.20

This is a feature release and includes the new features listed below:-

1. Portal Release 5 changes

There a number of technical changes to the A2A interface and processing flow changes to the claims portal as detailed at Claims Portal Release 5 notes

The significant process change is around the Stage 2 Settlement Pack counter stage.

- During a counter offer negotiation, if the claim is at the Compensator side and it reaches the timeout, then 

        - The claim is sent back to the Claimant Representative

        - and the Gross and Net amount displayed on the last page of the Stage 2 Settlement Packs are re-set by the portal to the             values provided by the Compensator in thier previous counter offer


The visual changes in cManager are:- 

1.1 For RTA Claims, Capture of the ASKCUE PI Reference in the other details tab

The reference always starts with ASKCUEPI and cManager will automatically populate this as you start typing the number.

This will be included in the generated CNFs 

1.2 For RTA Claims, Capture of MedCo Details for Soft Tissue injuries

For RTA cases involving Soft Tissue injuries, MedCo details are now required.

These will be sent with the Interim Settlement Packs and the Stage 2 Settlement Packs

They will be shown on the settlement packs as:


1.3 For RTA and ELPL (Employers Liability / Public Liability) Claims,  the CRU Reference number will be returned on the defendant's representative response.


1.4 Bulk Transfer Facility.

This a facility to transfer active Claims on the Portal from one organisation to another.  Where one of your claims has been bulk transferred you will be notified in the case notes and via an portal notification.


2. New Invoice feature. See Invoice Concepts and Features for full details. 

If you would like to use this feature, please contact to complete the initial setup of this feature.

3. For Criminal cases, the UFN is now auto-generated.

You can manually enter one where it is currently blank, but once generated or entered, this can not be changed.


4. Billing report - allow filter by User

5. Allow capture of Client Nationality

You can optionally capture and the client Nationality and use it in correspondence.  

6. Split Accident on Holiday into Holiday (Illness) and Holiday (Accident)

7.  Allow entry of Number of occupants where the client is a passenger in the defendant's vehicle.

For an RTA claim, where the client is a Passenger in the defendant's vehicle, you can now enter the number of passengers in the vehicle under the Client Vehicle Tab. Only the number of passengers can be entered.


8. Allow auto mapping of network Drive on the start of cManager, making it easier to setup new users and PCs. 
9. Allow cManager to run from the Cloud. This feature will only work with Windows 8.1 + 

10. Bug Fixes

- Only send documents with settlement if changed to avoid resending large documents

- Changed password encryption to SHA-512 and 

- Changed Criminal case details from a dynamic form to a custom form

- Fix error when trying to lookup address using Postcode.