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Invoice Concepts and Features
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Invoice Concepts and Features

The Invoice feature of cManager allows you to create a bill for a client. 

1. Add transactions to Case

Add Transactions by specifying the Type, Date, Account, who, reference and amount. You can also provide payment details.

Any new transactions are automatically set as not billed and will be included in the next invoice you create.


2. Create Invoice

This will create an invoice using the template setup and will include all transactions that are not yet billed. You can include / exclude transactions, but checking/clearing the Billed checkbox. Only transactions that aren't checked as Billed will be printed on the Invoice.

3. New Invoice Template 

3a. New Template file in the All\System Letter Templates folder

3a. New Transaction fields to use on the Invoice template

3.a.1Detail Line

Format can be adjusted using the Type 27 System Parameters .

There are 4 parts to it and each element has a type and a length.  The first three parts can be one of:

- AccountName

- Ref 

- Name

The fourth part can be 

- ValueGross

- ValueNet

3.a.2 Total Gross
3.a.3 Total VAT
3.a.4 Total Net
3.a.5 Invoice Number  

Auto Generated using parameter code 26


4. Setup Account Groups, Transaction Types and Chart Of Accounts using the Tools Tab from the Dashboard

4a. Setup Account Groups


4b. Setup Transaction Types


4c. Setup Chart Of Accounts

5. Parameters Records

- Type 25 - Next Cheque Number

- Type 26 - Next Invoice Number

- Code 27 ID 1 - 1st Part of Invoice Detail Line

- Code 27 ID 2 - 2nd Part of Invoice Detail Line

- Code 27 ID 3 - 3rd Part of Invoice Detail Line

- Code 27 ID 4 - 4th Part of Invoice Detail Line