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What's new in Version 5.23

What's new in Version 5.23

This is a feature and maintenance release and includes the new features listed below:-


1. Dashboard

  • More fields on the Cases list tab
  • Restores last tab viewed.


  • New Legal Aid Agency Billing Tab 


2. Letter Templates

1. Re-organised to allow each Case Sub Type to have a different set of letters


2. New setting allowing you to include the Recipients name in the saved letter name


This can be enabled using System Parameters -> Code Type 9000 ID CreateLettersWithNameOfRecipient set to TRUE

3. Custom Case Fields

Two new fields on the Case Details Form

These are also displayed on the case list, allowing you to filter / group by these.


These are setup as follows:-

1. Enable Custom Refs in Tools -> Advanced Settings


2. Add System Parameters 20 and 21 using Tools -> System Parameters

The ID field is used to specify the Case Type, allowing you to have a different field based on the case tyoe


4. VAT Settings

For use when producing LAA Monthly Submissions

You can define if you are VAT Registered using Tools -> Systems Parameters .


These can be maintained using Tools -> VAT Settings