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What's new in Insight v5.27
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Last modified on 8/6/2017 6:35 PM by User.

What's new in Insight v5.27

1. Better filtering of data lists

2. Product Database - Don't try and update stock unit count for non-stock items

3. Payroll Import - Swap Employer & Employee NIC columns during import. 

4. Payroll Import - Handle both Fortnightly and monthly payslips and data

5. Staff Database - Allow for update and deletion of pay rates - ** USE WITH CAUTION PLEASE **

You should only delete a pay rate for an employee when you've entered it by mistake and before you've gernerated the payroll reports.

Also, if a pay rate has changed, don't update the existing one, but create a new one to keep a record of the old rates. The change pay rate ability is again only to correct mistakes before you're generated the payroll reports.

6. Staff Database - View Absence requests 

7. Client & Supplier Database - Show number of records in list


8. Job / Invoice form - Allow for changing of payment status when outstanding amount is 0 or less