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What's new in cManager v5.30

What's new in cManager v5.30

1. New Conflict Check Process

There's now a separate Conflict Check link in the Client menu.  You MUST conduct a search for all new cases using this option.

Once you've entered the client details, click on the Conflict Check link. The Surname, Town , Phone and Email are copied across from the client tab.

Click on Search to find matching parties you've dealt with in any capacity (client, defendant, witness, etc..)

It is recommended that you search using difference combinations, such as Surname only or phone number only to ensure that you've identified if you've dealt with a prospective client previously.

Once you've completed the Conflict check, Click the "Mark Conflict Check as Complete" button

If you have multiple branches / companies, this conflict check feature can be used to check across both databases.

 The conflict check date is also now shown in the header


2. Email and Letters -  Creation and approval process

Here's an overview of the process. See Email and Letters -  creation and approval process for full details


3. Case Details Screen Changes

3.1 Filter Letters and emails

If you have a long list of letters for an entity, it can sometimes be slow to  select the required letter or email. To simplify this process. a new Search box has been added to the Send Email and Send Letters menu options

3.2 New Portal Reset Function on Case Tools to allow for re-submission of a claim to the Claims Portal

Where a claim was submitted to the claims portal, but the TPI Insurer exited the claim rather than reject, you can now use this new feature to reset it back to a status allowing it to be re-submitted. This is simpler than of having to set the Status back to "New", remove the claim ID and set the Process Id back to I.

See How to re-submit a claim to the portal


4. History Screen 

4.1 Allow Drag and drop of files and emails

You can drag and drop files and emails directly on the case history folder to save them to the case folder. A History entry will also be created

4.2 Reply to email via Case History Screen

Any emails that have been saved to the case folder can be viewed directly in cManager (both .EML and .MSG file formats supported)

You can also reply to emails saved to cManager using the Email Icon on the Case History Screen


4.3 Any email or letters sent can now be setup to include the recipient name in the narrative.

5. Include third party ref in email subject line

6. Save to cManager Outlook Add-In

The SaveTocManager Outlook AddIn allows you to efficiently  save emails to the cManager Case without having to leave outlook or drag and drop emails on the case 

The Save to cManager Icon is displayed in the cManager sub-menu within outlook.

The Save to cManager button opens up the following panel to allow you to search using the Case ID, Client Name, Address, Email address or Phone Number.

This add-in scans the subject line to see if the reference number has been included in the subject line. It does this by using the first number it comes across. if a direct match is found, then it is shown in the list of matching cases.

If a direct match using the case reference is not found, the sender's email address is used to search all cases in cManager  that have have the email associated in some manner. This can either be the client email address, an email address of a third party (organisation or person) or a contact within an organisation.

See SaveTocManager Outlook Addin for full details

7 Bug fixes and minor enhancements

71  Financial Transactions - Multiple minor Bug Fixes

7.2. Claims Portal - GetFile Function. Fix use of MakeValidFileName

7.3.  New Setting CreateFileNotesAsHistoryEvent to control how files notes are created

7.4. Claims Portal - Liability not admitted. Cater for unadmitted comments not being provided by TPI

7.5. Claims Portal New Claims - Check length of House name and street1 is not more than 25 characters

7.6. Claims Portal Add New Claim - Don't send MedicalAttentionDate if medical attention not sought

7.7  Check filename is valid before creating