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Conflict Check Process
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Last modified on 3/20/2018 6:20 PM by User.


Conflict Check Process

There's now a separate Conflict Check link in the Client menu.  You MUST conduct a search for all new cases using this option.

Once you've entered the client details, click on the Conflict Check link.

The Surname, Town , Phone and Email are copied across from the client tab.  Click on Search to find matching parties you've dealt with in any capacity (client, defendant, witness, etc..)

It is recommended that you search using difference combinations, such as Surname only or phone number only to ensure that you've identified if you've dealt with a prospective client previously.

Once you've completed the Conflict check, Click the "Mark Conflict Check as Complete" button

If you have multiple branches / companies, this conflict check feature can be used to check across both databases.

 The conflict check date is also now shown in the header


The conflict check is also noted in the case notes and the case history