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Installing Insight
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Last modified on 7/24/2018 12:43 PM by User.

Installing Insight

If you do not have Administrator rights on your PC, please first follow these instructions with an Administrator account on the PC. Then login with your own account and follow the instructions again. (The Admin rights are needed to install the .NET framework)

1. Browse to the following address using your internet browser. Internet Explorer is recommend, but any browser will do

2. Click on the Install Button


This will either download or run the setup.exe. Please follow any on screen instructions to give permission to run the installer.

3. Follow the on screen instructions to install the software.

4.  After Insight has been installed, you will be prompted to enter the advanced settings such as the Database settings .

These will be provided to you. Please enter them in the SQL Database(s) box as shown below.

If you already have it installed on another PC, please copy the settings (Access via Tools -> Advanced Settings)