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What's new in cManager v5.31

What's new in cManager v5.31

1. General Changes

1.a Open Case in Read-Only mode

If you try an open a case that is being worked on by another colleague, you can now open it in read-only mode

This will protect the fields that would can't be edited to avoid data being lost. You can still Add Case notes, Tasks, generate letters.

This has been updated in version 5.39 to allow access to a case for multiple users in a LIMITED UPDATE mode. See Limited Update Mode for more details

1.b Dashboard Search - Search by forename and surname

Will search for clients with forename / first name containing the first word/part word  AND the surname / last name containing the last word/part word

E.g Entering "jo smi" will return cases where the client is John Smith, Joe Smith, Joel Jasmin etc..

You can search by forename or surname only by entering a *  in the forename or suraname fields


* Smith will search for surname Smith and any forename

John * will search for forename Smith and any surname


1.c  Support for PDF letter templates

PDF documents can be saved a templates to use within cManager. 

They must start with "Template-" and be placed in the appropriate folder .

No automatic merging of any case data is done, and they will open in the default programs associated with PDF documents on your PC

When used for a case, the template is copied to the case folder and a history event created.  Please print / edit the PDF document outside of cManager


1.d  View History on the add timesheet screen 

1.e Case Special Edits - Change Branch 

For multi-branch systems, you can now also change the branch for a case using the Tools-> Special Case Edits function.

These 'special' fields are not allowed to be changed on the Case Details screen as they are used to format the look and feel of the case details and changing whilst a case is open could corrupt data.


1.f Editing Letter Templates

You can now copy and existing letter template or rename a letter template from within the cManager Letter Templates screen.

There's also a search facility to make locating and editing an existing letter easier.

Search for a letter contain any part of the name. A list of matching templates will be shown from all the folders and you can double click to edit the template .

Click the close search when done.

1.g  Search Letter Templates in Case Details

If you have a large number of letters, a search box has been provided to make selecting the required letter easier

For multi-branch systems, you can now also change the branch for a case using the Tools-> Special Case Edits function.

1.h Standard header and footers for Letter and Email 

You can have a standard header and footer that you can include in letter, email and SMS tempaltes. This avoids you having to include it in every letter and makes changing it far simpler across all letters.

The headers and footer templates are defined for each branch, so you can have the same letter templates across multiple branches, with just the header and footer being different.

The standard headers and footers are stored in the \Letter Template\All\SubType All\System folder and are named

Template-Branch x EmailFooter.rtf

Template-Branch x EmailHeader.rtf

Template-Branch x LetterFooter.rtf

Template-Branch x LetterHeader.rtf

Template-Branch x SMSFooter.rtf

Each of these is a standard letter template and can be edited to include fields from the case automatically.

To use in your letter and email templates,  edit each letter you want to include the header and footer and use the new type of "Document" and then double click the appropriate header or footer to insert into the document at the position of the cursor


1.i Force Change of Password every x days


To help comply with good user level access security practice, cManager can be configured to force users to change their cManager password every x days. This is configured in the Systems Parameters under setting ID ForcePasswordChangeAfterXDays.  This is set to 0 to disable this feature

If enabled, a user will be forced to change their password when they login into cManager  and it's been x days since the last password change.


A user can also change the password at any time using the Tools -> Change your password option



2. Financial Screen and Invoice Template

2.a Financial Screen

cManager provides a basic way to manage Finances linked to a case using the Financial Transaction screen. This is accessed from the Case Details screen

You can use it to record details of Money In and out of the client and office accounts.

You can also create an Invoice/Bill for any transaction you've entered.

1. In the first tick box, select the transactions you want to include on the bill

2 Then click the Create Invoice button. This will create an invoice using your template.


The transactions will be marked as billed. If you need to re-create an invoice, first set the to un-billed, by updating the billed box as show below


2.b Invoice Template

You can edit the invoice template using the Tools -> Document Templates option.

This will open to the folder containing your invoice template for your branch. 

Select the required template and click Open.

Make any cosmetic changes required (logo, address, bank details etcc.) and click SAve

3. Reporting Changes

3.a TaskList report

As well as being reformatted, this report can be be run to print only overdue tasks.

3.b New Extended Billing Analysis report

The existing Billing Analysis report only allows you to analysis the timesheet data, whilst this report allows you to view the analyse and view timesheet billing records along with the detailed case data.

Once you specify the report parameters, click view data to see the data summary on the Pivot Table Tab.

See Analysis Reports on more information the features of this report  and how it operates


4. Crime Changes

4.a Batch Add Billing 


You can now add LAA Billing units in batches using cManager. Select the Billing Stage, Category 1 and Category 2 and a list of the types of entries allowed will be shown.  For most types, only the Quantity and Ref are required.

The Gross and VAT can be input for disbursements.

You can toggle between the single mode and Batch mode for new entries by clicking on the mode toggle switch shown below

For any entries you have entered in a batch, all updates are done in Single Mode.

4.b Core Costs 

Where a list of LAA billing transaction is displayed, a new Core Costs column and total are also shown.

Eg. Here's how it looks on the Conclude stage screen

4.c Fees, Limits the Thresholds

If a Court or Police station are linked to a case and the Billing Stage reflects the current stage (Investigation or Proceedings and there's a RO Date, you can see the Fixed Fee Limits on the LAA Billing screen

These are shown on the LAA Billing Screen

For a case at the Criminal Investigations stage, the current core costs, Fixed and Threshold are shown in the header


For a case at the Criminal Proceedings Billing Stage, the Core costs are shown in headers and the Fee Limits can be viewed by clicking the Fee Limits button. The Fees and threshold will vary based on the RO Date and the Std Fee Category of the case.

4.d Add Units option removed

To avoid confusion between the LAA Billing records and the standard timesheet billing records, the option to add timesheet billing records have been removed for Crime cases

5. Other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes

5.a  On the dashboard, the task lists and search results tabs will remember any layout changes (Eg. Column order, column widths etc..)

5.b When a timesheet record is created, the case status at the time is also saved. This will allow you view and create billing reports based on the status. Eg  Cost after liability not admitted.

5.c For Invoice creation at a multi-branch system, you can have a separate invoice sequence number for each branch. For example Branch 1 can have invoices generated at number start 1, whilst Branch 2 could have invoices starting at 100000

5.d On the Billing Entry confirmation screen, the Don't Add button can be hidden. This is no longer hidden when a user clicks to add units manually.

59.e Case OtherInfo field available to use in letter templates

5.f When deleting a Billing / Event record, any underlying document can also be deleted from the case folder

5.g Additional Employment types for Client Employment

Now includes - Retired, Full Time Education and Other