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Analysis Reports
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Last modified on 6/4/2018 10:28 AM by User.

Analysis Reports

These reports allows you to dissect the presented data using the columns shown by dragging the fields either into the "Row Area" or the "Column Area"

Right Click anywhere in the "Field Area" to Show the All available fields . You can then add them to the "Field Area", "Row Area" or "Column Area"

You can get a detailed break down of any number by double clicking it. This will show the data on the "Data Table" Tab


Every field that is available shown on the Data Table Tab. To hide, fields, drag them off the list by until you see a black cross.

You can add them back again by Right Clicking anywhere on the headings columns and selecting Column Chooser

Once you've added / hidden / resized / moved columns about, you can save that layout for future use by selecting the Save menu option. Use the Open button to used a saved layout . This can be used to create custom reports.

Each tab,, "Pivot Table" and "Data Table" has it's own layout, so remember to save both if you change them.


Finally, once you have the data and layout as you require, you can export to a variety of formats including PDF and XLS