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Cleaning Job Specification for…

Cleaning Job Specification for Quotations - Concepts and Features

1. Use

On the Quotation and and Contract job forms, under each site , there's a a Specification button next to the site name, as shown in below.

This specification button opens up a screen to allow you to create a cleaning specification for each area of site / offices

Any items you've setup as standard items will be automatically added to each new area with the required frequency 

As well the the predefined  specification items, you can also add bespoke ones for each area by using the new row at the top of the list and selecting the required frequency.

You can add multiple office areas, using the + icon.


Once you defined the specification items for this quotation, you can choose to print these on the printed quotation by ticking the Print Spec tick box


The Generate printed quotation will include each office/area on it's own page with as heading and a list of items grouped by frequency

2. Quotation Template

You can edit the layout of the template using Tools -> Edit Document Templates and then selecting the Quotation Template within the All Templates folders

You can edit the layout of the quotation as required using the report designer. Please contact Derby Databases support if you need assistance with this.

3. Setup

To setup the list of predefined specification items, use Tools -> Systems Parameters

The specification items are defined under Code 35.

Specification Parameters
Code Area (in Sub ID Column) Item (In Text Value column) Sequence (In Integer Value column) Standard Item Frequency (In Text Block Column)
35 eg. Flooring Vacuum all carpeted areas 1 V

The ID column must be a unique number used by the system in the background to identify the item

The SubID column is used for the specification Area. Eg. Flooring

The Text Value column is used for the Item description. Eg. Vacuum all carpeted areas

The Integer value column is used for the sequence to help order the list when displaying and printing

The Text Block column is used to define if this is a standard item and it's frequency. It is automatically selected for a new item added to the quotation (eg. Reception Area, Kitchen)