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What's new in version
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Last modified on 4/11/2011 10:47 PM by User.


What's new in version

1.  Expense Entries input

  •  When adding a new Cheque / DD entry, the default payment status is Outstanding (Not Paid)
  •  When adding a new Cash the default payment status is Paid
  • The Comments field renamed to Inv No / Comments. Please enter the Invoice number (where available) in here.

  • When updating an existing cash or cheque entry, changing the invoice date doesn't automatically change payment date (When adding new entry, they are still linked)
  • When entering cash or cheque payment, the payment date cannot be before the invoice date


2.  VAT Return


  • New quarter VAT return was only generated when the previous quarter was locked. You now generate the next quarter by updating the current VAT Quarter dates.


3.  Profit and Loss Account

  • Re-sized to fit onto 1024x786 screen
  • New "Include Partial Quarters" tick box. If ticked will create the Profit & Loss for quarters not yet complete and include in the Year to date figures. In not ticked, will only calculate information for completed quarters


New Setting in Tools -> Advanced Settings controls report format. You can set the Profit and Loss format to "Partnership" or "Limited Company" - See Advanced Settings Section 6  below.

The Limited Company format includes a Dividends and Retained profit section whilst the Partnership section include the Profit Share section.

4.  Import Bank Statement Data


  • Statement format now set in Tools -> Advanced Settings. See Section 6 below. Once set it doesn't have be changed each time
  • New Question at start " Set Invoice Date to Payment Date?"

            If ticked, will set the invoice date on payments to the same date as the payment date.

             If not ticked, all payments will be imported with a blank invoice date.

            These will be shown in the 'No Invoice Date' tab on the summary screen - See Section 5 below


5.  Summary Screen

  • New No Invoice Date Tab - For payments inported from the Bank Statements, the invoice date isn't set by default. This tab lists all these entries. These should be updated as soon as the data in imported. You should aim to have no entries listed in this tab
  • Search Results tab displays totals at the bottom

  • Multiple search fields can be used together to filter results

6.  Advanced Settings

  • New settings for Bank Statement Import format.
  • New Settings for Profit and Loss Report format.