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Editing and using standard hea…
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Last modified on 6/17/2019 10:46 PM by User.

Editing and using standard header and footers for Letters and Emails


cManager allows you to have a standard header and footer signature that you can include in letters , email and SMS messages. This avoids you having to include it in every letter and makes changing it far simpler across all letters.


A. Editing the standard headers and footers 

The headers and footer templates are defined for each branch, so you can have the same letter templates across multiple branches, with just the header and footer being different.

Each of these template is a standard letter template and can be edited to include fields from the case automatically.

The standard headers and footers are stored in the \Letter Template\All\SubType All\System folder and are named

Template-Branch x EmailFooter.rtf

Template-Branch x EmailHeader.rtf

Template-Branch x LetterFooter.rtf

Template-Branch x LetterHeader.rtf

Template-Branch x SMSFooter.rtf

If you already have an Email signature/ footer that you use in Outlook or other mail client, then you can copy and paste that into cManager as follows:-

1. Start Microsoft WordPad (not Microsoft Word). This is a lightweight Rich Text Format (RTF) editor that closely resembles the cManager editor

2. Copy your Footer from Outlook or other source

3. Paste it into WordPad. It may show slightly different to how it was in Outlook, as it may show a table with cells and rows. This is normal and won't be shown in the final versions



4. Adjust as required and then select all the footer and copy into the Clipboard (CTRL-A followed by CTRL-C)

5. Edit the required template  using the cManager Letter Templates menu option (eg. Template-Branch 1 Email Footer.rtf) and paste in the copied template from WordPad

It may look unformulated and have lots of code. This is due to the default setting for Mail Merge fields. 


You can toggle the Mail Merge view and the results view using the Show all Field Results from the Mail Merge Tab. This will now show the final result in a What You See Is What you Get (WYSIWYG) layout.



B. Using the Email Headers and Footer

The standard email headers and footers for the appropriate branch are always used when creating an email from cManager.  The header is inserted before the body of the rest of the template being used and the footer is added at the end of the template

C. Using standard letter and footer templates across all letters

To avoid having to include a header and footer in every individual letter that you have, you can omit the header and footer from each letter and replace it with a field that represents the standard header and footer for the appropriate branch.

To use in your letter templates,  edit each letter you want to include the header or footer and use the new type of "Document" and then double click the appropriate header or footer to insert into the document at the position of the cursor