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Last modified on 1/19/2022 10:59 AM by User.

Access Control for Restricted Functions

The following cManager Functions can be restricted to individual users or all users within a department.

Restricted Functions
Function Name
LAA Billing
System Parameters
User Maintenance
Letter Template Maintenance
Status Code List Maintenance
Dynamic Data Configuration
Case Tools
Custom Dates Configuration
Analysis Reports
Analysis Report
Recommender Report
Financial Reports

The access to these restricted functions can be set at department level (eg. Users in the Accounts department can run financial reports) or at an individual user level.

If access is set a user level this will over-ride the department level access if that user also belongs to that department

E.g. Accounts Department users can access the financial reports and the LAA Billing section, but user ABC123, who works in the account department, can not access the LAA Billing section

This screen can be accessed for an individual users from the Maintain Users screen

To specify function access at department level, select the Department AND leave the User column empty.

To specify function access at User level, leave the Department blank AND select the User