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Case Timer

Case Timer

A timer starts when you open a case and records the amount of time spent working on a case. This timer is shown in the bottom left of the case details form.

You can pause the timer if you are interrupted but haven't yet finished working on the case.

When you pause the timer, all options to work on the case are locked and you have to start the timer again to continue working on the case


When you have finished working on the case, click the Save icon and a billing summary screen will be shown to record the actions taken and the time spent. The "Active" time  will be shown on the confirmation screen. This is defined as the time the Timer was Active at the point you pressed the Save button. 

Whilst working on a case and without Saving and closing, you can also add billing time by using the "Add History / Minutes" menu button on the Case Details form. This is useful if you're performing multiple tasks and want to record each one separately with it's own billing time and history entry. 

If you choose to add History and Minutes as you're completing tasks, the case timer is reset back to 0 and you can then start on your next activity which is timed from when you finished the current activity.  When you're done working on the case and click Save, you will be presented with the Add History Record screen allowing you to enter the time since that last billing entry. If you've entered all the history and billing elements prior to clicking Save , then you do not need to Add the final History Billing entry. This feature of resetting the case timer back to zero after adding a history item is only available from the main case details form and not on any other forms where you can add Hisory / Billing (eg. History screen, Task List)

This setting can be configured for your cManager installation by modifying the ResetCaseTimerAfterAdd setting.

Depending on the setting of your cManager installation (CaseDetailsBillingSubMenu setting), you may be displayed a list of items to automatically add minutes with the pre-defined narratives and time or this button will be without a sub-menu and will open the Add History Record screen above to allow you to enter the nature of of the work undertaken in more detail.

If you have a sub-menu of pre-defined items and choose one of those from the "Add History / Minutes" menu, the number if minutes and narrative will be automatically added without any further user input. You will receive confirmation in the bottom right of the Status Bar as shown below