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OIC Portal Support in cManager
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OIC Portal Support in cManager

OIC Portal Support

Additional reference information from the OIC Portal

OIC Integration Process Flow v1.18 210521.pdf

Official Injury Claim status list v1.xlsx

Official Injury Claim system generated message list.xlsx

Go to court scenario process.pdf

a. Setup required

Please register your organisation with the OIC Portal.  Please provide Support your provided Client ID and Client Secret Key  to link your cManager to the OIC Portal.  See detailed instructions below

b. Adding New Case

New drop down to select if this RTA claim is initially going to be submitted to the OIC Portal or the Claims Portal


c. Case Details  - Submitting claim to portal

i) Client Mandatory Details

Client Phone number and Email address are required by the Portal

A Valid UK Postcode is required. 

ii). Insurance Company 

There is currently no database of Insurers on the Portal, so enter the details you have. The Portal will manually review the claim using and using the information provided will assign the claim to the correct insurer.

iii) New OIC Injury Tab

There's a new tab to provide more details of the injuries sustained.

iv) Employment Status List

A more extensive list of employment statuses to be compatible with the OIC is now used

v) Replacement Vehicle Tab

New dropdowns to capture reason for no car repair help and no hire car required

vi) 2-Step Submission Process

The submission process for the OIC Portal is as follows:-

1.  Complete all the details and click the Submit to OIC Portal button. The claim Status will change from New to Pending-New

2. Wait a couple of minutes before completing the submission using the Complete Submission button. The claim will change status to Pending-Liability and the Portal will assign the correct compensator to it

You can optionally wait 5 minutes for the portal to process and create the Small Claim Notification Form, click on the View Portal Docs button to download it,

You should see a new document (sub type UnsignedDocuments) in the list that has been automatically download.  You can Print and OPTIONALLY get the client to sign before uploading to the portal as a "Signed Document" as shown below. If the document isn't shown in the list, please wait and try again later.

c) Exit Portal Process

At various points in the process, you have the option of exiting the portal for a valid reason that can be selected on the Exit Portal form


d) Send files and messages

You can send documents and messages to the portal using the View Portal Docs button

When sending a file or a note, select the appropriate category to allow better classification.

Any new files or notes will be shown in BOLD in the list. The notes are automatically downloaded. Double-click a file to download. The daily batch sync process will automatically downloaded and new files and notes and notify the Fee Earner, so you do not need to do them manually, but can choose to do it if you don't want to for the next re-sync process



e) Manage on Portal

Due to complex and evolving OIC Portal Process, cManager has not yet been fully integrated. Once the claim has been submitted, you will get notification of messages, new files and actions required on the portal. These actions will be created as Tasks for you in your task list. You should login to portal to complete any further actions required using the Manage on Portal button


f) Re-sync with Portal

There is a daily batch sync process that talks to the OIC Portal and updates you on any changes. If can't wait for the next batch sync process, you can manually re-sync with the portal using the Re-Sync with Portal button. This will download and notes, files and notify of any action required on the portal.

g) Linking existing OIC cases to cManager

To link an existing OIC portal case to cManager 

1. Under the Options Tab, click Enable Special Edits
2. Enter the OIC Claim ID in the Claim ID field
3. Enter 1 (number one and NOT the letter I) in the Process Ind
4. Save & Exit the case

h) Change the Portal for an existing cManager case

If you added a new case with the intention of submitting to either the OIC or the Claims portal but now want to change the portal, the easiest way is to the use the Portal Reset function from the Options tab when working on the case


If you have submitted a claim to the portal and now want to change the portal, first EXIT the current portal and when confirmed, then use this portal reset function


i) Advanced Settings 


To integrate with OIC, set the CLIENTID and CLIIENTSECRET on the 200019 parameter record. 

(Both the ClientID and ClientSecret are stored on the database as encrypted values)

Also create these 200019 parameters

ACCESSTOKEN with blank initial values


URL =