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beA Integration

beA Integration

1. Overview

2. Sending Messages

You can send beA secure messages from the Case Details form. A new beA Mail option is available in the Send menu group

Signing documents with a Qualified Signature 

To allow you to use the beA Web Interface QES (Qualified Signature) feature to sign documents that you send to the courts, you should ensure that "Save to beA Drafts" tick box is ticked. This will create the message and save it to your drafts folders in the beA Web interface.

From the beA Web interface, you can then access the saved message, sign the documents and send.


Please see and for more details


3. Receiving Messages

New messages are retrieved once a day (or as often as cManager Batch Scheduled job is configured) and saved in the Incoming Mail folder, ready for processing by each fee earner.

4. Process Incoming Mail

To process the new messages, use the Process beA Messages option in the toolbar menu

The screen is structured into the following key areas 

1. List of new messages that are awaiting to be processed. Click on a message to view in the message area (2)

2. This is a preview of the message. You can click any attachment links to open and view

3. Additional information such as references numbers and if an EEB Receipt is required for this messages

4. New filename for the message to be saved to the case. You can choose to change the file name if needed.

5. If this message is not case related and you want to ignore it and remove it from your list of unprocessed messages, you can click the Ignore message button. 

6. Use the search area to identify the case that this message should be saved to

7. A list of the cases for the search criteria will be displayed here. Double click the required case to move this message to that case.

EEB Receipt

If the sender has requested an EEB receipt, the following pop up will be displayed for you to acknowledge or reject the message.



5. Setup

5.1 Enable BeA Integration via System Parameters (Code 9000, ID EnableBeAIntegration and Text Value = TRUE)


5.2 Setup the beA URL and BEXIDENT and EEB Reject parameters (200023 and 200024)

5.3 For each user with a bea Mailbox, enter their postbox SAFEID into he Secure ID field and load their Certificate p12 file into the users record using Tools -> Maintain Users

5.4 Setup the postbox SAFEID for all other parties. 

 For each Court, Solicitor or other party, enter their Postbox SAFEIDs in the Secure ID field.