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How to set up users

How to set up users

1. Overview

If you are authorised to maintain users, then you will have the users option available under the Tools Tab 

Click "Tools > Users" button to maintain the User list

 This is the main screen for editing the details of the user.


Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the form (|<<  <<  <   >   >>    >>|) to move between the records. Update any required fields.

You can also move to a particular user's record by using the Find panel . Enter their ID, Forename or Surname to locate them

- A user can be setup as a Fee Earner or Supervisor. This will control whether they appear in the Fee Earner and Supervisor drop downs used throughout cManager.

- Access to a number of functions and cases is controlled at department level, so please ensure that each user has the correct default department assigned. You also give access to other departments as shown in 4. Case Access & Charging Rates below

- NB: There is no delete user button. To disable a user, tick the 'Revoked' box as shown above. This will stop the user logging in and also remove the users from any drop downs in cManager. 

- If the user will be submitting claims on the Claims Portal you will need to set them up an account on the Claims Portal and put Portal ID in the Access Detail section. 

- The Claims Portal also require each user's contact details. Please provide the telephone number and email address.

- The charging rate and Job title may be used in the letters (e.g. Client Care Letter), so please ensure that these are provided.

To save all the changes, exit the form using the Door button in the toolbar

2. User's Signature

You can also scan an image of the users signature and this can also be used in the letter templates. First click on the "No image data" text in the Signature field and then right-Click then select Load 


3. Managers / Team Leaders

A user can also be designated as a Manager/Team Leader by ticking the Is a Manager checkbox.  A Manager can access all the cases for other users in the same department and also see their tasks, calendar entries and report on their team's cases.

A non-Manager user can access their own cases (i.e where they are the Fee Earner)

4. Case Access & Charging Rates

Use this option to specify the users charging rate and the departments / case types that they are allowed to work. See Charging Rates for more details on the charging rate setup process

The users default department is stup on the main user screen and also needs to be setup using the Departments & Rates button.  Here you can specify which department cases a user can access. 

A user may be setup of have either Full access or read only access to cases within a department. You should also specify their charging rate for each case type they can work on.

If a Case Type / Department is not listed for a user, they have no access (unless it's their own department)

[NB. Ready Only access is a future feature and does not currently restrict access to a case a read-only. Only the full or non access options should be used for now]

5. Multiple Email Addresses

Each user must have a primary email address that's used when sending emails. Optionally,  a user can have multiple email addresses that they can use to send email from in cManager. These are managed using the Manage Users's Email Addresses option. See User Email Addresses for more details.

6. Add new user

Click the "Add New User" button in the toolbar. This will display a blank record . When you have provided all the details, click the End Edit (tick) button in the Navigation controls.

The ID field is not normally editable, but is required for new users. Please click on ID field label and provide the ID. It should be unique,  not have any spaces and must be no longer than 10 characters.

If you make a mistake and want to cancel your changes, click the x on the Navigation button at the bottom left of the screen.

Don't forget to provide users access to the case types as shown in 4. Above. Without this they will not be able to login 


7. Function Access

Use this option to provide access to certain functions within cManager for this user. See Access Control for Restricted Functions


8. beA Details

For German organisations, beA is the secure mail service and each users in cManager who wishes to correspond with other parties in a case needs this to be setup in cManager. 

Enter the Users the SAFE Postbox ID in the Secure ID field and load their certificate using the folder icon shown on the Certificate field.

When loading the certificate, please enter the password for this user's beA certificate. This is the only time you need to enter the certificate password in cManager .