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How to set up users
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Last modified on 5/4/2015 12:27 PM by User.

How to set up users

If you are an Administrator, then you will have the tools options available.

1. Click "Tools > Users" button to maintain the User list

2.  This is the main screen for editing the details of the user.

Use the navigation buttons (|<<  <<  <   >   >>    >>|) to move between the records. Update any required fields.

NB: There is no delete user button. To disable a user, tick the 'Revoked' box shown in green above

If the user will be submitting claims on the portal you will need to set them up an account on the portal and put the details in the portal ID and portal password fields highlighted in yellow above.

The charging rate and Job title may be used in the letters (e.g. Client Care Letter), so please ensure that these are provided.

The Portal also require each users contact details. Please provide the telephone number and email address.

3. To Add a new user, click the "Add New User" button in the toolbar. This will display a blank record . When you have provided all the details, click the End Edit (tick) button in the Navigation controls.

The ID field is not normally editable, but is required for new users. Please click on ID field label and provide the ID. It should not have any spaces and must be no longer than 10 characters.

If you want to set the user up as a Administrator, set the Access level to A (Admin), otherwise leave at N (Normal)

If you make a mistake and want to cancel your changes, click the x on the Navigation buttons.

4. To save all the changes, exit the form using the Door button in the toolbar