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Installing cManager
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Last modified on 11/28/2021 6:26 PM by User.

Installing cManager

These are these instructions for installing the cManager Client / Workstation software only. In order to use you will need a cManager Server installation first.

1. Browse to the following address.

2. Click on the Install Button


In Internet Explorer version 9 or above you may see the following screen.

Please click the broken page icon next to the address bar,  as shown above, to start the installation process.



If you have a PC without Microsoft .NET 4.7 framework and you do not have Administrator rights on your PC, please first follow these instructions with an Administrator account on the PC.  The Admin rights are needed to install the .NET framework

Then login with your own account and follow the instructions again.  It's important to login with your own details as cManager is installed on a per user basis.


    3.   Depending on the Windows version, you’ll be asked to trust and run cManager.  For Windows 8 and above, you’ll get the following message. Click on More Options and then Run anyway


    4.   You’ll get a message stating that it can’t connect to the database server as shown below. Click Yes


    5.   Complete the details of your SQL Database as provided and click Save Changes and Exit



6. cManager will start and show the login screen