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How to Create the InsurerIDLis…
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Last modified on 10/29/2021 2:01 PM by User.

How to Create the InsurerIDList.txt file for the RapidBatchUpdate process

These instructions are for internal use only.

This only applies to the RTA list. The ELPL list is only stored and available online so does not need a download process

1. Download the a2a_rapid_insurer_index_table_production_v??.xls (RTA) from


2. Copy the data from columns B,C,D and E (InsurerName, Contact Insurer Name, raPId Insurer ID, raPId Insurer Name) into another sheet - exclude the headers

3. Sort by the raPIdInsurerId and raPIdInsurerName columns. 

4. Create a formula in the free column after raPIdInsurerName =CONCATENATE(A1,"|",B1,"|",C1,"|",D1) to create a pipe (|) delimited column. Copy the formula in all rows that contain the data

This should be a concatenation of the Insurer Name, Contact Insurer name, rapid Insurer ID and Rapid Insurer Name

5. Copy and save this pipe delimited column to the text file InsurerIDList.txt in the cManager\System folder

6. Create a Header Record at the top of the file as follows:-


where xx = version number (with leading zeros - eg. 01)

dd/mm/yyyy date Insurer List Updated

Eg. HEADER|72|28/02/2013|HEADER

7. Upload the file to