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Extend Time to consider offer
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Last modified on 8/12/2011 9:31 PM by User.

Extend Time to consider offer

When the TPI insurer makes an offer or counter offer you have a set limit within the raPId portal to review the offer and make a decision on whether to accept it.

Note: You only have a fixed amount of time to make a decision or requested an extension. If you exceed this time limit, then the request to extend the time will be rejected by the portal and you will have to deal with the claim out of the raPId Portal

If you need more time, you can agree an extension with the TPI and update the portal as follows:-

1. There are only certain states that allow the time to be extended (raPId Process.) If it is allowed, the Extend Time button will be shown.

2.  Specify the new date, reason and comments and click the Extend Time button

3.  A case note will be added to indicate hat you have extended the time and the portal will be updated to allow you more time.