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Add DEFAULT Letter Settings
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Last modified on 8/2/2011 12:02 AM by User.

Add DEFAULT Letter Settings

The letter generation system relies on a number of settings. One of these is the DEFAULT letter settings that control some of the parameters for letters that are generated.

If this settings is missing then some of the letters can not be generated.

To set up the DEFAULT settings:-

1. From the main dashboard screen ,click on the Tools menu tab.


2. From the Tools menu, click on the Letter Templates option


3.  From the Letter Templates form, click the Special Settings option. This will display the Maintain Special Letter Settings form.

4.  Click on the + (Append) icon from the Navigator control at the bottom of the form


5.  Provide the settings for the DEFAULT letter code and click the "tick" (End Edit) button.

6. Finally click the the Exit button on the top left of the form