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Customising cManager - System …
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Last modified on 8/2/2022 3:59 PM by User.

Customising cManager - System Settings

cManager can be customised to behave is a number of ways. This section deals with the effect of the System Parameters.


System Parameters with a code of 9000 control the behaviour and features of cManager. The following table lists the parameters, their values and the feature they control



System Settings
ID Values Default Value Notes
EnableMultipleUserEmails TRUE/FALSE FALSE Allows a User to use multiple email address when sending emails from cManager. see User Email Addresses
SaveSentEmailsAsEMLFormat TRUE/FALSE TRUE Saves Sent Emails as as mail item (extension .EML) or a Rich Text File (extension .RTF)
CaseDetailsBillingSubMenu TRUE/FALSE TRUE On the Case Detail screen, will either show the Add History/Minutes menu button as a single button or a sub-menu of items defined in Parameter code 600
ResetCaseTimerAfterAdd TRUE/FALSE TRUE On the Case Details screen, will reset case timer back to 0 after each billing record entry
SaveGeneratedLettersasDOCX TRUE/FALSE TRUE If TRUE, saves generated letters in .DOCX Microsoft Word format, otherwise as .RTF format
CompleteTaskWhenClickedToOpen TRUE/FALSE FALSE

In the User Tasks area, clicking on a task opens the relevant case and also optionally automatically complete the task.

This can be configured by this setting.

SupervisorReviewTask Supervisor Review Task description    
TrackBillingTime TRUE/FALSE TRUE  
UseColoursForTasks TRUE/FALSE TRUE  
UseNetworkDrive TRUE/FALSE FALSE  
EnableCaseImport1 TRUE/FALSE FALSE  
beAMessageSendFrequency  Minutes 60 Frequency in minutes of the Batch beA Mail send Process
SystemTimeZoneID Which timezone is the system installed in for the end users (Used by the batch process to set time reminders)   eg. W. Europe Standard Time
AllowCompleteCaseTasksFromDashboard TRUE/FALSE TRUE IF False, can only complete case tasks from the case form and not the dashboard task lists