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How to send SMS text messages …
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Last modified on 8/30/2011 10:18 PM by User.


How to send SMS text messages from cManager

1. To enable the SMS facility in cManager, please create an account with Media Burst.

2. Provide your Media Burst account details to cManager under Dashboard -> Tools -> Advanced Settings -> Application Settings as shown below.

3. Once this is done the SMS option will be available in the Case Details tool bar. Clicking this will display all parties that have a mobile phone registered. Click a party to send a SMS to their number.


4. The SMS form will be displayed showing the remaining balance of your Media Burst account. You can customise the footer of the SMS by editing the 'Template-SMS Footer.rtf'  in the letter templates system folder.

5. Once the SMS has been sent it will be recorded in the case history as show below. A note will also be added to the case notes indicating a SMS was sent to the relevant party.