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Installing the cManager raPId …
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Last modified on 9/25/2011 7:40 PM by User.

Installing the cManager raPId Update Sync Batch Process

Once you have set up cManager on the server and provided cManager with your raPId portal A2A details you should install the raPID Sync Batch process on your server.

1. To install, open the the link below using Internet Explorer - It's important that you use Internet Explorer as this link will not work with other browsers.

When promoted, please select Run.

2. Once installed, please create a scheduled task on the server to regularly run this process. The shortcut for this process is in {cManager Data Folder}\Database\cManagerRapidUpdate.cmd

It is recommended that you schedule this task to run every 90 minutes, every day.

Each time the re-sync job runs, it logs the actions taken to {cManager Data Folder}\System\cManagerRapidUpdate.Log