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Last modified on 9/25/2011 8:22 PM by User.

Installing cManager Server Components

Before you can use the cManager software, you must first install the cManager Server Components. These consist of

- cManager SQL Database

- cManager Data Folders

- cManager Letter Templates

1. Before installing the cManager Server Components, please ensure that the server has SQL Server installed. cManager is compatible with the following version

- SQL Server 2005

- SQL Server 2008 & 2008 R2

- SQL Server Express 2005 - Free Version

- SQL Server Express 2008 & Express 2008 R2 - Free Version

2. If you are planning to install cManager on more than 1 PC, create a network share on your server to allow access to the case files from all the PC's

3. If you are planning to use the  MoJ raPId Settlement Process for RTA Claims, please request your A2A details from the raPId Helpdesk. These will be needed during the install - You can proceed without these and provide later.

4.  Request your cManager Serial Number from

5.  If you would like Derby Databases to arrange off-site backup of your cManager Databases, please contact us for details of the FTP server, FTP UserId and FTP password. This will be needed during the install. You can processed with these.

6. Install the cManager Server Components using the link below (please open using Internet Explorer as it will not work with other browsers)

7.  You are planning to use the MoJ raPId Settlement Process for RTA Claims, Install the cManager raPId Update Sync Batch process on the server using the link below

Installing the cManager raPId Update Sync Batch Process

7. Once the Installation is complete on the server, create the following scheduled tasks

a. Daily Database Backup Job - {cManager Data Path}\Database\cManager AATasks.cmd - Recommended to run every day         when all users have logged off  eg. 23:00

b. Regular Rapid Sync Portal Job - {cManager Data Path}\Database\cManagerRapidUpdate.cmd - Recommended to run every 90 minutes every day