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How to re-submit a claim to th…

How to re-submit a claim to the portal

A) Rejected Claims

If you need to re-submit a case to the portal because the original insurer rejected it (Not their client; missing or incorrect details etc..), please follow procedure.

1. The claim status should be ClaimRejectedToCR as the insurer has rejected it back to you.  If the insurer has added some notes to explain, these will be available in the case notes section.

2.  Make the required changes (provide more details; change insurance company)

3. Click the Re-Send Claim button. A new portal Claim ID will be generated a new CNF/DNF will be downloaded at the end of the submission.

B) Other Reason (eg. Claim has exited the process for other reason)

If the third party Insurer has not rejected then claim back to you, but has instead exited the process, you can now use the Portal Reset feature from the Case -> Options menu.

This will only be displayed if the case was in the portal 

When done, the claim will be in a status to allow it to be re-submitted again.



This is the old and more long-winded way and left here for reference only

If a case hasn't been rejected and is at any other status, but you need to re-submit you can do so by 'unlinking' it from the portal and treating as a new claim.  This should only be done in emergencies and with care as it will leave 'Orphaned' cases on the portal which you will not be able to access.

1. From the case form, click the Options Tab

2. Click the Enable Special Edits (you will only have this if you are an Administrator on cManager)

3. Select the "NEW" Case Status

4. Clear the Claim ID by deleting ALL the characters  from this field

5. Set the Process IND to "I" (In Claims Portal Process)

6. Click the Home Tab and Save and Exit the Case.

7. Re-Open the Case and you'll now see the Submit to Portal button. Please check the Insurer you want to send to and submit.

Please note: If the original case wasn't closed on the portal, it will remain on there and you will not be able to access it.