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Concepts - Multi Branch System
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Last modified on 4/29/2012 6:31 PM by User.

Concepts - Multi Branch System

- Branch names are stored in the System Parameters under Code Type 50. See Tools -> Systems Parameters

- Code Type 50 & ID 0 MUST be set to "All Branches" and is used to populate the drop down lists when selecting a branch.

- New Branches can be added started from ID 1. Once an ID is allocated it MUST NOT be deleted. You can change the Branch Name, but never delete an ID as this may invalidate the information already in insight.

- If you only have one branch, you must still set it up here. You can give in any Branch ID. eg. 1


- The default branch must be allocated at a user level under Tools -> Users. This will be used to set the branch for this user when using Insight.

- One most screens (Eg. Bank Statement Import, Profit & Loss Account) you can filter the information being used / shown  by selecting the branch. Where available you can also select the "All Branches" option and now Insight will use the data fro all branches for the reports and screens. On entry into the screen, the branch will be set to the user's default branch.

Changing the branch on these screens only changes it temporarily on this occasion, it will alway be set back to your default branch next time.


- If there's only 1 branch, the branch selection drop downs will not normally be shown when using Insight. The system will automatically default to the single branch.


- You can only change branches and see other branch details if you are an administrative user.