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What's new in version 5.8

What's new in version 5.8

This is a major release of Insight. The key features are based around the Multi Currency; Multi Language; Multi Company and Multi Branch capabilities of Insight.

In summary the changes are:-

1. Multi-Uuser with Record and Form Locking

Insight is now fully multi-user capable. To avoid data integrity issues, only 1 user can update a record of set of records at a time.

If you try and open a record or form being used by another user, you will get the following message. Please wait until the other user has finished and try again.

2. Multi-Company

Insight can now be used to manage multiple companies from the same installation. Each company will have it's own separate database.

If you have multiple companies set-up, you can select which company to manage at the login screen.

Each installation can be configured with a default company to remember the company throughout the system.

  3. Multi Branch

If you have multiple branches in your company, Insight can be used to manage these independently as well as merging the information for company level reporting (eg. VAT Returns, Profit and Loss Account).

Most forms and screen have been multi-branch enabled, via a branch drop down list.

If you manage your products within Insight, the stock levels are now available at branch level.

Each installation can be configured with a default branch to remember the branch throughout the system.

4. Multi Currency

Insight can be used be manage multi-currency transactions across your business.

Insight wil allow you to invoice in a different currency to that for the purchases orders for a single job. (Eg. Pay sub-contractors in GPB, whilst billing the customer in EUR).

For accounting purposes an exchange back to the base currency is performed using the exchange rates set-up in Insight. If you are using Insight to Generate your VAT returns and have international transactions, you must update the exchanges rates in Insight monthly from the HMRC Website.


5. Multi Language

Insight can be used be generate documents (Invoices/Purchase Orders/ Quotations) in multiple languages (subject to a template created for each language)


6. Purchase Orders

Insight can be used be manage your purchase orders (subject to your licensed version)


7. Unlocking a VAT Return

If you are a user with Administrator rights, you can also unlock a VAT return that has ended in the last 13 months.

This should be done with care and only in exceptional circumstances. To Unlock a VAT Return, press CTRL + U. This will show an Unlock column on the VAT Return form.  Those VAT Returns that have ended in the last 13 months will have an Unlock Link next to them.  If you a unlock a VAT Return that isn't the last one that has been locked, the system will unlock all the VAT returns after the selected one.

See VAT Return Concepts and features for further details