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Concepts - Multi Company Syste…
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Concepts - Multi Company System

The same installation of Insight can be used to manage multiple companies.

Each company must have it's own database. There is no data and information sharing between companies.

1. Setting up a company

  The companies are defined in Tools -> Advanced System Settings

Please adhere to the following rules when adding a company

1. Ensure that an Insight SQL database has been setup as requried.

2. To connect the database to your installation of Insight, add an entry to the SQL Databases(s) textbox. in Advanced Systems Settings

The format of  an entry is :-

[Company Name].[SQL Server Name].[SQL Database Name]


[Derby Databases Ltd].[DELL960].[InsightTest]

The currently selected company is marked with ***Selected*** after the details.

2. Changing which Company database you're working with

If you have multiple companies set-up, you will be given the choice of companies to work with when you login. Please select the company you wish to work with and login as usual.


If you need change the company database, please logout and log back in to Insight with the required company