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What's new in Insight v5.8.3.x
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Last modified on 6/3/2012 4:08 PM by User.

What's new in Insight v5.8.3.x

1.       Most forms will remember last size and location.

2.       New “Status” Search Filter on the Supplier/Client/Staff  database form

3.       Performance Improvements manly due to less calls to the database to read settings and additional indexes.

4.       VAT Number increased from 10 to 15 characters long to cater for International suppliers and clients

5.       Each Supplier & Client has a new document type property. This allows you to have different merge document templates (eg. Invoices) for each group of clients, or even individual clients

This field sets the template to use for this client when printing quotations and invoices.  Please ensure that you have created a quotations/invoice template for each template that you use. The name of the template files should be as follows

Insight Invoice Template x.repx

Insight Quotation Template x.repx

Insight Email Footer Template x.rtf

where x is the template type that you specify on this form.

6.       The Payment Terms can now be calculated from the Invoice/PO date or offset by x days (eg. From the next 25th of the month)

For a detailed explanation, see the payment terms section under  Setting up customer database records and Setting up supplier database records

7.       Stock allocation will update real-time to cater for multiple users trying to allocate the same units of stock