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Concepts - Purchase Order
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Concepts - Purchase Order

1. Adding New Purchase Orders

A purchase order can be added in two ways.

a. Click the New Purchase Order option from your dashboard


Points of Interest

Purchase Type - This should be the cost centre for the purchase order . eg - Goods For Resale

Supplier Ref - Will be initially set to your account number with this supplier as set in the supplier database

Our Ref - Will be initially set to the user id of the user creating the purchase order

Instructions  - Will be printed on the generated purchase order and can contain additional information for the supplier. E.g Delivery details

F O B - Optionally, but if dealing internationally can specify the shipping terms (eg. FOB Origin; FOB Destination etc)

Requested By & Approved By - Optional, but useful for integrating into your process flows if required.

A linked expense record will be created to ensure that the financial record is posted into the accounts sub-systems. Please see section 4 (Updating Purchases Orders) on how the two are linked and synchronized.

b. For Insight:Translate a purchase order can be created from the Job Details screen


b1. Before creating the purchase order, ensure that you have the number of words (Quantity highlighted above) correctly entered. This will be used to calculate the value of the purchase order.

b2. Select the Translator from the Translators Drop down list. In the above example, "Supplier B" has been selected. This will automatically calculate the value based on their charge per word.

b3. Click the Create/View PO button. This will take the values from the form and open the Purchase Order form with the details already populated. See section 2. Purchase Order Details for a detailed explanation of the form.

b4. When you s& close ave the purchase order form, the details will be copied back to the job form as shown below.


2. Purchase Order Form


3. Where they are shown

a. Active Purchase Order List

b. Creditors list


4. Updating Purchase Orders (eg, marking as paid)

a. Job

    Can only access from the Job Form.

     To update, click the Create/View button and update .. note changing values? TBC

b. Non-Job (Normal Expenditure)

Update the purchase order 

    some fields read-only - explain

 Update on the expense record from the creditors list

    some fields will be non-editable - explain