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Letter Reminder Tasks
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Last modified on 9/16/2012 8:16 PM by User.

Letter Reminder Tasks

When cManager generates a letter, it can create a task reminder (dairy entry) to reminder you to chase a response to the letter.

The number of days to wait for a response are set in the Maintain Special Letter Settings option as follows


If you do not want to generate a task reminder set both the overdue days and Remind days to 0.

Remind days is used to set due date for the task and when a letter is generated.

Overdue days is used to date at which the reminder task become overdue. A typical setting is to allow an extra 7 days in addition to the remind days.

In the above above example,  cManager will generate a reminder task for 14 days after the letter is generated and it will also become overdue on the same day. 


All letters will use the "DEFAULT" setting above unless they have their own special setttings.