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What's new in Version

What's new in Version

1. For Insight Retail Users, Main screen format changed.  Menu limited to top half of the screen. Bottom half of screen is used to display tasks; calendar; Creditors etc.


2 Reports now available in the top report menu. New task List display


3  Creditors – quick display on the main screen using menu link


4 Calendar

5 New Database Menu Tab

6       Vehicle Database

Some Key Features of the Vehicle Screen:-

6.1 Vehicle Folder

Each Vehicle entered on the database has it's own Windows Explorer Folder created in the Insight Folder. This allows you to save images and scanned documents linked to the vehicle in an organised manner.


  You can add documents using the Add File to Folder button. You can also add documents by dragging them from an email or a windows folder and dropping them anywhere on the vehicle form. You will hear an confirmation "ping" when it's been copied to the folder.

6.2 Vehicle Maintenance

Any expenditure on a vehicle should be logged using the Vehicle database. This will create an entry on the vehicle maintenance logs and also create an expense entry.

Vehicle Maintenance Log:

Expense Entries shown on Summary Screen:

7 Equipment Database

8 Staff Database


Some Key Features of the Staff Screen:-

8.1 Staff Training

    You can record details of the training and any expiry dates. These will be automatically added to the task list when the 6 weeks of expiry.


9. Task Management– with auto reminders on Vehicle MOT, Insurance and Tax