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What's New in version 5.8.5

What's New in version 5.8.5

This is a maintenance release to Insight version 5.8 and contains the following enhancements and updates

1. Shop Floor Mode

 a. New Quote

        To provide a quotation, please the "New Quote" menu button BEFORE entering the customer and product details. This will open a new quotation form to complete and allow you to print the quotation. The Shop Floor mode will remain open in the background.



b. Product Category

To allow correct report of sales types on the daily and weekly job sheets, (E.g. New types; Refurbs; Tracking etc..) each line you add to a job has a category. This is automatically copied from the product database if you drag a drop from the product list. If you add a product manually, then please select the appropriate category

c. Part Payments & Multiple Payments

If a sale is not being paid in full in one payment, you can now add the details of the multiple part payments.

The part payment details can be added from the "Payment Details" Tab as follows:-

1. Please select the date, the part payment amount amount, payment method and reference and click add payment.

2.  The payment will be added to list and the status will automatically change to "Part-Paid" as shown below.


3. If you need delete a payment added in error, select the payment from list and press the DEL key. You will be promoted to confirm before continuing.

4. To finish the sale, click the appropriate payment method menu button. This will trigger the printing of the invoice.


The list of sales that have been part-paid are available be clicking the Debtors link from the main dashboard

You can double click the required sale, to open it and continue working with it.

d. Re_Print Invoice

You can open an existing sale and reprint the invoice at any time. You can find existing sales using a number of ways. These are available from the Recent Jobs List, search, debtors, creditors list etc..

2. Printed Invoice

This has been changed to Include the payment details

The payment fields are available available in the Edit Invoice Template Facility as shown below.


3. Daily Job Sheet & Weekly Progress Report

These have been changed to cater for multiple part payments for a sale and also the different type of products for one sale.


4. Income & Expenditure Analysis

The Payment Status and Payment Method fields have been expanded from codes eg. Q,D,P to their meaningful descriptions

5. Various Bug Fixes and Minor enhancements

Bug Fixes to the following

Daily Job Sheet

Weekly Progress Report

Profit & Loss account - Sample Cost Centers setup

VAT Returns - If the VAT Return can not be generated because not all entries have a cost centre allocated, a draft one will be created to allow you to view the VAT Audit to identify these quicker.

Vehicle Expenses

Any service expenses entered on the Vehicle Maintenance screen are now correctly saved as automatic expenses entries.