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Monthly Sales Summary

Monthly Sales Summary

This form is used to capture the monthly sales and other income details.

The transactions displayed here have been imported using the Bank Statement Import function.

If Insight is not directly connected to your EPOS system to import the sales data, then you can also manually enter the monthly Gross Sales and VAT figures from your EPOS reports.

Most of your Income details on your bank statement will have already been included in the monthly sales figures, but any that are not already in Insight (eg. VAT Repayments, Recycling refunds etc..) can be added quickly.

To convert a bank transaction to a 'Non-Sales' Income Entry, double click required the line. This will open up the Add Income Entry form with most of the details already completed.

If you want to delete an Income Entry that you have added by mistake, double click it and then press DELETE from the maintain entry form.

Once an bank transaction has been 'converted' to an Income Entry, it will be included in your VAT return and Profit & Loss Account.


See Monthly Import Bank Statement Data Procedure for more details on the monthly import process