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Add History Billing Time  - How to customise the list of standard history entries to add to a case

When you start working on a case, a timer is started and displayed in the bottom left corner. You can Pause and Restart the timer to help accurately record the actual time spent working on the case.

When you finish working on a case or any any point whilst working on the case you can add billing time to record what was done and the time taken.

The following confirmation screen is displayed for you to enter the details of the work carried out and the time taken. You can either manually enter the description or use the Type of Work, and Category drop downs .  See the section below on setting up the standard items for these dropdowns


See Case Timer for more details on the case timer functionality

Setting up the type of Work and Category lists

The list of standard items in the drop down are defined in the System Parameters. (Tools -> System Parameters) using the following parameter codes

200026 - Billing Type Of Work Type of Work Parameters  

200027 - Billing Category 1 Category 1 Parameters

200028 - Billing Category 2 Category 2 Parameters

See Parameter Lookup Lists for more details