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What's new in cManager 5.9

What's new in cManager 5.9

1. Referrer Cases Report

New report to quickly help analyse the cases by referrers.

The View as Report will open up a new window showing a summary of the cases in tabular form together with the details



2. Improved Email facility.

2a. All generated letters can now also be sent as emails.   The Send Email to .. button will dynamically change to show the emails available for the selected party. The list of emails available under the Send Ematil to.. button will only be displayed  if a valid email address has been entered for the party selected.

2b. You can specify which standard templates are email-able and which are only available as letters. By default each standard template can be emailed and printed as a letter.

2c. Search for cases by email address from the Dashboard screen.

2d. Generic Email Templates have been created for Client, Defendant, Defendant Insurance and a generic one for use with unknown parties. These can be edited using the Tools -> Letter Templates function. 

Eg. Generic

Eg. Client

Please note that the email templates do not contain a footer. This is managed separately in one place under the Email Footer Template as shown below. The footer is automatically appended to the end of each email generated

3. User customisations to the case notes / billing history

3a.  Correspondence generated in cManager (Letters, Emails, SMS) will now be added to the case notes as well as the detailed case history. This is can configured by Setting the 9000  / AddCorrespondanceToCaseNotes parameter to True or False

3b.  Case notes will have the time displayed.  This is can configured by Setting the 9000  / IncludeTimeInCaseNotes parameter to True or False

3c. You can specify the default New Case narrative that's added to the billing history. By default it's set to Perusal of instructions along with client care. This is configured by setting the 9000 / NewcaseNarrative parameter to the required text.

3d. You can specify if you want the Initial Merit Assessment (IMA) records in the case history . This is can configured by Setting the 9000  / CreateIMAEvent parameter to True or False