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What's new in Version 5.11

What's new in Version 5.11

1.      Customers classified as two distinct types - Individuals (aka Customers) and Organisations (aka Clients)

a.        Default for you installation can be set in Tools -> System Parameters by setting the "DefaultClientType" ID setting to either TRUE or FALSE


b.      Can be changed when adding new job / Invoice 

                                                              i.      If the client is a company

                                                            ii.      If the client is an individual


c.       The difference class of customers have their own databases that can be maintained under the Database Tab

2.      Balance Sheet Feature

3.      Bank Account Balance Feature

4.      Email Enhancements

a.       You can now drag and drop a file onto the email confirmation form to attach it to the email


5.      Summary Screen Enhancements

a.       Date range can be defaulted to Week or Year using Tools -> System Parameters setting “FinancialSummaryDateRange”


6.      Bank Transaction Import – HSBC Business Banking Format


7.      Invoice Details Enhancements

a.       When a payment is outstanding, you can configure whether to display a pop up reminder using Tools -> System Parameters setting “PopUpOSBalanceInfo”

8.      Adding Income / Expense Entry Enhancements

a.       Now Checks for Duplicates as you enter them and will want you if an entry already exists on the database on with the same Payment Method, Payment Date, Gross Value and Payment Reference


9.      Asset Register Enhancements

a.       Includes Depreciation settings that are used in the balance sheet and profit and loss account

10.  Client (Companies) Database Form Improvements

a.       You can now email a Client contact from the client database form.

This will open the email form with the contacts email address already filled in. The email will also be logged in the client history.


11.  Client (Individual) Database Form Improvements

a.       Allows you to perform the same functions as those for a corporate client (eg. List of previous Jobs, Quotations, Products provided, create invoice ; create quotation)

12.  Staff Database Form Improvements

        Form redesigned and includes more HR information, PAYE Details and Holiday and Absence register. See Staff Database for full details

13.  VAT Settings

a.       VAT Settings form changed to allow selection of the VAT Scheme used by the business


14.  Vehicle Form Enhancements

a.       Vehicle Lookup by Registration Number. Enter the Registration number and click the Lookup button. The Make, Model and Colour will be automatically filled from the Online Vehicle Database. This feature requires an active Internet connection

b.      Additional Depreciation Fields


15.  Shop Floor Mode Enhancements

New feature to allow you to book jobs in advance and management you workload using the Job Calendar.

See Job Bookings Feature for full details.


16.  VAT Returns Enhancements

a.       Tracking when a VAT Return was paid. This is used to calculate the debtors/ creditors correctly.


17.  New Reports

a.       Products with No Cost Prices.

In order to correctly calculate the assets for the Balance sheet, a cost price is required for all products. This report is available from the Product Database Maintenance form and shows all products that don’t have a cost price setup in the supplier tab.

b.      Stock Valuation

You can use this provide you with a stock valuation for the Balance Sheet. This report is available from the Product Database Maintenance form.

c.       Inter-Branch Sales 

For organisations with multiple branches, this report breakdown Branch sales for products from another branch. This report can be used to reconcile stock and transfer stock between branches.