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Job Bookings Feature
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Last modified on 5/27/2013 10:21 AM by User.


Job Bookings Feature

You can book a job in using the new Book Job button from the Shop Floor Mode form

This will open a new Job Booking Form as below:

Fill in the Client’s name, Vehicle Details and then click the arrow on the Job Date field (shown below)  to open up the booking.

Select the required time and click OK.


The Hide / Show Calendar button will show or hide the Job Bookings calendar in the bottom half of the screen

Calendar Shown (Job Details Hidden)


Calendar Hidden (Job Details shown)

Job Bookings List.

     The Booked Job option from the main menu will shown all outstanding booked jobs

When the job has been completed, open the job from the booking list and click the Finish & Bill button. This will create as a Job and allow you to print an Invoice and take payment as a normal job.