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How to Update cManagerRapidUpd…
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Last modified on 11/28/2016 4:52 PM by User.

How to Update cManagerRapidUpdate.exe

1. Build new cManagerPortalSync_Install and ad copy the new MSI and setup.exe to

2. Update the version number in the install.htm file and also copy across to the deploy folder.

This will be available to view at

3. Download the MSI and run to install

4.The program will be installed in the Derby Database Solution program folder

5. Run and update the settings for the SQL Server and database


The instructions below are no longer needed and relate to the ClickOnce version


The deployment using ClickOnce should be copied to

To update on a client's server:-

1. Go to the Task Scheduler and disable the cManagerRapidUpdate job

2. Install the latest version from  This will update and run correctly using the app settings of the last install.

3. Find the path of the new cManagerRapidUpdate.exe in [User Folder]\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\????????\cman..tion_???????\cManagerRapidUpdate.exe

e.g C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\R6P5MLGD.W6T\L40C78OH.G62\cman..tion_9da5b56efcdd1c19_0001.0005_41c2807ca1d5f276\cManagerRapidUpdate.exe

4. Run this manually by double clicking the cManagerRapidUpdate.exe file
The following settings form will be shown. Enter the database settings and click on Save Changes & Exit. This will now run the rapid update process.

5. Check the results on the cManagerRapidUpdate.log file in the cManager System folder

6. Change the scheduled job to point to the new version located in step 3 above. In the Task Scheduler and Right-Click Job -> Properties -> Actions Tab -> Edit...  and change the full path to the new version. 

Typically only the folder name before cManagerRapidUpdate.exe needs changing

e.g C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\R6P5MLGD.W6T\L40C78OH.G62\cman..tion_9da5b56efcdd1c19_0001.0005_41c2807ca1d5f276\cManagerRapidUpdate.exe

7. Trigger the amended job ( right Click and run) to test that it works by examining the cManagerRapidUpdate.log file

8. In the Task Scheduler and Enable the cManagerRapidUpdate job.

9. To Tidy up remove the old folders for cManagerRapidUpdate. There will be located in [USER Folder]\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\???? - Search for all references of cManagerRapidUpdate.exe and open the file location of the previous version to delete all the folder.


For some reason , the config file for cManagerRapidUpdate on some PC's is on one of the following three  locations: