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Making a Settlement Pack Count…
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Last modified on 7/8/2011 4:09 PM by User.

Making a Settlement Pack Counter offer

1.       If the Insurer has not accepted your original Stage 2 Settlement pack, they may put forward a counter offer. The status of the case will be shown as “Stage 2 Settlement Pack Counter Offer” and the details of the offer will be shown in the notes section.  You can also view the offer by clicking the Settlement Pack button and viewing the “Offer” Tab.

2.       Once you have reviewed the offer, you can either accept the offer or make a counter offer. To accept the offer, click the “No Counter Offer” button.

To make a counter offer, click the “Counter Offer” button. This will only inform the TPI that you are intending to make a counter offer – The offer will be sent at the next stage. The status will move to “Stage 2 Settlement pack Counter Offer”

3.       Before submitting the counter offer to the portal, provide the full details of the amended claim using the “Settlement Pack” button. Once you have amended the claimed section you can then submit the counter offer to the portal using the “Send S2 SPF Counter Offer” button. See Instructions below on amending the offer


3.1   In the Settlement Pack Form, click the link to view the Stage 2 Settlement Pack. The Claimed Tab shows the losses claimed. The Offered Tab shows the offer by the TPI. (NB: When there have been a number of offers/counter offers, these two tab show the most recent claimed and offered details)

3.2.       If you need to add an amended / new medical report, attach it using the “Medical Reports” Tab.

3.3.       You can update the Settlement Pack Comments as required to communicate the details of the amended claim.

3.4.       To change the amount claimed for a loss (eg. reduce General damages from £2,500 to £2,200), click on the loss and, amend in the update area and click Update Loss to save to list

3.5   If you need to remove a particular loss from the claim, right click it and select remove loss. This will set the Gross and Net Values to 0.

3.6.       When you’re done with the settlement pack Click the Save Button to go back to the Case details.

4.  Send the Stage 2 Counter Offer to the portal using the “Send S2 SPF Counter Offer” button and confirm  - TWICE :)



NOTE: Please don't change the categories when submitting the counter offer. The Portal will reject it.

If you claimed for General; Medical and Travel expenses, your counter offer must include these three categories ONLY.

- You can set the value of these to 0, but can't remove them.

- You can not add new categories.

 You can not change the categories (eg. Medical to Loss of Earnings)