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Conflict Checking
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Last modified on 10/26/2014 6:32 PM by User.

Conflict Checking

cManager will check if client a you're entering a case for is already known to the system. This can be useful for speeding up data entry and also for conflict checking.

When you have entered the forename and surname fields and moved to the DOB field, the System will check all the records on your Client, Defendant and Third Party databases to see if you've dealt with this Individual before. You will be shown the existing matches and can choose to use the details or ignore them and continue adding a new record.

For Conflict Checking purposes, if you are entering a new case and the list shows that you already have the individual as a Defendant (see Type Of Entity column), you MUST verify with your supervisor to ascertain if this is the same individual before progressing.

Due to the limited information that may be available the system only uses the Forename and Surname to look for matches.
If the name entered is part of a record already on the database it will be shown in the PopUp list.

The name matching looks for the exact entered forename and surname matching part of an existing name.


Jon Smith will match to Jonathon Smithy but not John Smith as Jon is not the same as John.