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Whats new in Version 5.16
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Last modified on 12/6/2015 1:01 PM by User.


Whats new in Version 5.16

  1. Bank Statement Import

    1. New feature to recognise patterns in transaction entries to allow to match to existing suppliers and clients.
    2. Check For Duplicates Bank Transactions on Statement Import
  2. Financial Summary

    1. Financial Summary - New All Payments Tab to list all payments within the date range
  3. VAT Return 

    1. Added Single Branch in the title when creating a Draft VAT return for a single branch in a multiple branch setup.
  4. New SystemType for Staff Database only

    1. Staff System Type with tile control menu when only Staff Database facility of Insight required.
  5. Job Form

    1. Cater for Measurements Linked to DeliveryAddresses for Clients and not the client record
  6. Reports

    1. New Product Sales Analysis Report 
    2. Client Timesheet Exceptions Report - Allow navigation of week dates from within report
  7. Misc Fixes  & Improvements

    1. Moved the Total columns to the end of the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports
    2. BugFix - Client DB - Archive & Create New Rota. Change Max date validation to allow creation upto a year in advance. Was previously validating that it could only be 1 year after the previous effective date.
    3. BugFix - Fix bug where the last viewed DeliveryAddressDetails are 'cached' if the user isn't on the delivery address tab and can be wrongly attached to wrong client
    4. New setting EnableCleaningStaffRotaAndTimesheets to enable Cleaning Management functions
    5. Removed unused settings MultipleZReadsPerDay and AllowNegativeStockQuantities
    6. Bugfix: Advanced Settings - Save settings was not using the correct sql user id and password.
    7. New setting DefaultFavouriteProductsTab setting to control which Product Tab is shown by default on the Job Forms
    8. Invoice reports - correct payment start and end status
    9. Dashboard - Hide branch ribbonpagegroup if only 1 branch
    10. New Setting ClientDBLinkOnHomeMenu to set if the client link on the home ribbon is for clients or customers
    11. Maintain Person - Change Client Title from Clients to Customers
    12.  Dashboard - Tooltip of rtf templates location
    13. AddJob Form - Move Address first & Add CheckDB button
    14. New DefaultStdWidth Setting for clients with MeasurementsEnabled
    15. Increase size of BankTransaction PaymentMethod field from 10 to 20
    16. Add Customer Search box in Menu