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Title Index


Add DEFAULT Letter Settings

Add History Billing Units  - How to customise the list of standard history entries to add to a case

Analysis Reports

Automatic Recurring Review Tasks


Case Details Form - Concepts and Features

Case History Screen

Cleaning Job Specification for Quotations - Concepts and Features

cManager Glossary

cManager Wiki

Conflict Check Process

Conflict Checking

Contacting Support

Custom Case Events / Dates

Custom Case Sub  Folders

Customising cManager - System Parameters


Dynamic Entities - Concepts and Fundamentals


Editing and using standard header and footers for Letters and Emails

Email and Letters -  creation and approval process

Extend Time to consider offer


Hints and Tips  - Can't Save a Case

Hints and Tips - How to Add a New Organisation

How to add a new rehabiliation provider and link to a case

How to Add a second / additional defendants

How to Add New Airport Codes

How to add signatures to a users record

How to Create the InsurerIDList.txt file for the RapidBatchUpdate process

How to Edit Letter Templates

How to publish new version of CMCPortal

How to publish new version of File Monitor

How to re-submit a claim to the portal

How to send a note or file to the raPId portal

How to send SMS text messages from cManager

How to set up users

How to Submit an Interim / Stage 2 Settlement Pack

How to Update cManagerRapidUpdate.exe

How to update your company address


Installing cManager

Installing cManager Server Components

Installing the cManager raPId Update Sync Batch Process

Invoice Concepts and Features

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